South-eastern Europe and the EU, Training for young Leadership in Society - July 2006 - April 2007

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Activities and events

Eventsí AGENDA

17-30 September 2006 - Two-week Summer Academy

This two-week programme in Germany will offer a unique opportunity to combine study, discussions and professional skills development on the European Union and South-eastern Europe as well as on wider issues of international and economic relations.

The seminar will focus on

April 2007 - Three-day Spring Workshop

This three-day workshop in Brussels and Bruges will give the participants valuable insights into the Brussels EU scene and NATO’s activities by including visits to the European Institutions and the NATO, as well as an opportunity to develop contacts with professionals from the headquarters.


In addition to the training events, the participants will be invited to put into practice their knowledge and to implement some joint activities and projects by working together in small groups in their countries.