South-eastern Europe and the EU, Training for young Leadership in Society - July 2006 - April 2007

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The TRANSFUSE Association
Transatlantic networking for the Future of South-eastern Europe

Founded in 2000, the TRANSFUSE Association aims to introduce a creative approach to reconciliation, crisis prevention and integration by establishing an interdisciplinary network of young professionals from the countries of South-eastern Europe, broader Europe and the United States dedicated to common democratic values. The Association relies on the professional commitment of its members in evaluating policies and approaches, identifying deficiencies, formulating priorities for regional development and generating ideas and practical recommendations for action. The Association’s activities contribute to building the internationally oriented human capital South-eastern Europe needs for its future.

The College of Europe

Founded in 1949, the College of Europe is a centre of academic excellence for postgraduate European studies with campuses in Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Warsaw, Poland). The College prepares individuals to work and live in an international environment and to contribute to the functioning and progress of an increasingly interdependent international society. To accomplish its mission, the College of Europe focuses on postgraduate studies in the legal, economic, political and interdisciplinary domains, while providing a range of tailor-made seminars and training courses. Across both campuses, the College of Europe welcomes students from over 40 different countries that receive a high-quality academic education and benefit from the College’s unique network of personal and institutional relationships established throughout Europe and beyond.